2019's Top 5 Bike Tech Accessories

Modern bicycle accessories use innovative technology to make your bicycle ride safer, more connected, and fun. Here are the PedalCell team's top picks for 2019:

See.Sense Lights - Reactive Bike Lighting

See.Sense Ace Lights

See.Sense offers connected bike lights that use artificial intelligence to adjust their brightness and flash behavior based on your riding style. The light is controlled via a smartphone app. However, the lights continuously change their output based on speed and high-risk environments, such as intersections and heavy traffic. The company offers a wide range of front and rear light options to fit most cyclist needs.

Battery Life: ~10 hours

SmartHalo 1 and 2 - Smart Bike Dashboard


SmartHalo created one of the first "smart bike" products that connected to smartphones over Bluetooth. Their product is a handlebar dashboard that utilizes an array of lights to display navigation, notifications, and alarms to deter thieves. The company is continually updating its app to add new features over time. Also, their team recently launched SmartHalo 2, which adds a black and white screen that provides more information to riders.

Battery Life: 1-2 weeks

Garmin Varia - Rearview Radar

Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar

Garmin's Varia-line of lights utilize radar to alert cyclists of oncoming vehicles. The lights pair with Garmin bike computers to provide riders an audible and visible warning for approaching vehicles up to 153 yards.

Battery Life: ~2hrs on high

COBI.Bike - Handlebar Smartphone Hub

COBI.Bike Dashbord

COBI.Bike is a smartphone dashboard that provides cyclists useful riding information. COBI connects to smartphones over Bluetooth and is controlled via a joystick to display live riding information such as speed and navigation. The mount itself has an integrated anti-theft alarm, auto-brightness light, and built-in battery bank to charge your smartphone.

Battery Life: ~4hrs while charging a phone

Cycliq Bicycle Cameras - Safety Dash Cams

Cycliq Fly12 Camera

Cycliq is the leader in bicycle-mounted cameras. While they can be used to record scenic routes and sporting events, the company positions its primary use as safety devices to record collisions. Both their front and rear cameras have built-in footage locks that secure data when a crash is detected and connect to smartphones over Bluetooth to transfer videos. All of their cameras also act as lights and theft-alarms, making them an excellent addition for both athletes and commuters.

Battery Life: ~4hrs

What about keeping your Bicycle Tech Charged?

High-tech bicycle accessories provide amazing ways for cyclists to stay safe and connected. However, they all have the same problem: battery life. Whether it's your lights dipping into low-power mode or your navigation dying mid-trip, bicycle accessories are limited in their battery longevity. If riders want to avoid these troubles, they must to have constant reminders to bring their devices inside for charging or carry bulky external battery packs that also need to be charged... until now.

PedalCell - The Bicycle Power Source

PedalCellconverts a cyclist's motion to continuous charge for devices on their bicycles. Our product's patent-pending electronics offer blazing-fast charging speeds through 2X USB-C ports that keep your bicycle lights, dashboards, and cameras charged indefinitely. The PedalCell team saw that high-tech bicycle accessories needed to eliminate their limited battery life to reach their full potential. For the first time, Never worry about low-battery for your bicycle tech again with PedalCell.

PedalCell: The Unrivaled Cyclist Power Solution

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