North Cape 4000 Race

Ultra cyclist, João Pombinho, used PedalCell across 4500+ km over 2 weeks during the 2021 North Cape 4000 unsupported bicycle tour. PedalCell kept João's essentials fully charged, including his Garmin and power-hungry smartphone. João chose PedalCell due to the device's fast-charging output and quick install design that moves easily between his different bike setups.

"I can say about any multi-day event is you don't want to plan stops around power sources. PedalCell's fast charging was immediately noticeable. When my Garmin stopped working mid-trip, I had to charge my higher-power smartphone for navigation. PedalCell had no trouble keeping up with this demanding scenario."

João also enjoyed PedalCell's easy install and flexibility,

"I have a lot of bikes: road, MTB, rim brake, disc brake, and different wheels. I really value a solution that doesn't tie me to a specific bicycle."

PedalCell: The Unrivaled Cyclist Power Solution

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