PedalCell opens Pre-Orders Sept. 30th

After five years of development, PedalCell is opening pre-orders for PedalCell, the bicycle power source of the future on September 30th, 2019. PedalCell converts a rider motion into continuous and stable electricity to power a host of devices such as smartphones, bike lights, action cameras, GPS, and more. The product is added to existing bicycles and is compatible with most bicycle frame designs.

PedalCell is the first bicycle power source to be developed as an all-in-one solution. PedalCell Co-Founder, Vishaal Mali, stated,

"We started completely from scratch in our development path. After researching existing solutions, such as bicycle dynamo generators and solar panels, we realized that the industry was plagued with fragmentation and incoherent products that relied heavily on do-it-yourself builds. Not only did this result in a huge time and money sink for most but lead to poor performing products and a sub-par user experience".

PedalCell is comprised of two components; the fork-mounted Generator and Handlebar-mounted Smart Power Hub.


The PedalCell Generator is custom-designed to deliver 15-20 watts of power at traditional riding speeds, upwards of 6X more energy than most bicycle dynamos. The Generator adds minimal drag by adjusting its resistance via rider speed algorithms held on the Smart Power Hub. Better yet, riders can easily decouple the Generator when not in-use with a simple "click". The Generator clamp installs on nearly any bicycle in minutes with a front fork between a 1" X 2" oval.

Smart Power Hub

The PedalCell Smart Power Hub holds PedalCell's patent-pending electronics and software trade-secrets to output safe, consistent, and stable power no matter a rider's speed. Thanks to the use of onboard rider data algorithms, power analysis, and graphene storage systems, the Smart Power Hub can deliver an unmatched level of energy output through its 2X USB Type-C ports. One high-power port (2.4A, 5V) for devices such as smartphones or cameras and one prioritized port (.6A, 5V) for safety devices such as lights.

PedalCell in addition to accessories such as phone mounts, theft locks, and USB cables will be available on for pre-order on PedalCell's website starting September 30th with first shipments starting late November. All PedalCell pre-orders start at $249.99, $50 off the $299.99 launch price. For those who want to get the most out of PedalCell, PedalCell's Ultimate Bundle couples PedalCell with its whole accessory catalog for $299.99, a $100 savings than if bought separately. Adam Hokin, PedalCell Co-Founder, had to say,

"Current bicycle dynamo generators have poor performance, require separate electronics, and install via complicated wheel build procedures, totaling $600+. PedalCell's launch price of $299.99 is an incredible value for customers, providing performance and a user experience monumentally better than what the industry has seen to-date. Better yet, all pre-orders get $50 off of the launch price and $100 off the Ultimate Bundle for cycling pros. We cannot wait to start shipping later this year and have riders experience PedalCell for themselves".

Stay tuned to for more updates and to reserve your PedalCell today.

PedalCell: The Unrivaled Cyclist Power Solution

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