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PedalCell can easily be used indoors with a stationary bicycle. This can be quite valuable if you want to keep using your gear indoors during Winter months, to set up a permanent indoor charging station, or go green by juicing up with pedal power! Follow the steps below to get up-and running.

Step 1: Get a Bicycle Trainer

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Bicycle trainers allow riders to get exercise whilst stationary. They usually contain a metal stand that elevates a bike's rear wheel by screwing over the rear axle. Trainers also tend to use magnetic flywheels that generate riding resistance. A trainer with a flywheel is optional, and can be used if riders want to get a bit more of a sweat while charging!

Step 2: Install PedalCell onto your rear Seat Stay

Follow the installation instructions to mount PedalCell onto your bicycle's rear seat stay. Doing so will allow PedalCell to spin and generate USB charge while in the stationary trainer. Installing on the rear chainstay is also an option, however, seat stay installs usually have less of a chance of interfering with your pedals/feet!


Step 3: Place your Bike on the trainer and Charge-up 

Once you're finished with installing PedalCell on the rear of your bicycle, place the bike on the trainer. At this point, you should be ready to start charging! Hop on the bike, plug in your devices, and spin away! Within a minute, you should start to see charge generated from PedalCell. 

Reliably Charge while Riding indoors or out!
PedalCell Dynamo

PedalCell converts your bicycle's motion into charge for your USB devices. It is the perfect companion for charging indoors as well as staying charged on longer bicycle trips. Spend less time waiting to charge up and more time adventuring on your bike.

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