Summer Outlook

Hello everyone,

Over a year has passed since a regular company update. Boy, do we have a lot to tell. If you haven’t heard, PedalCell has been active in competitions (read here…), event participations, and even at Capitol Hill (read here…)! The “PedalCell” name and “Power. By You.” brand have gained momentum on the web and in the public eye.

Over the past year, PedalCell has pivoted to the bike share marketplace. Andrew Brown, our Chief Technical Officer, stated the primary motive for this shift, “We found that our direct-to-consumer approach was a little premature and decided that PedalCell’s goals were better fit to the bike share industry. In addition, our tech has tested quite well with bike shares”. This change immediately brought a new focus to our team.

In the Fall of 2016, our company officially became a part of “The Garage,” at Northwestern University. The program has provided our company with a host of resources ranging from prototype maturation, legal counseling, and business plan facilitation. PedalCell will continue to have access to these assets throughout Summer 2017 via our participation in the Wildfire incubator (read here…) and beyond. While we have had valuable team members come and go throughout these changes, the core PedalCell team has remained constant.

We are confident that bike shares will deliver the best PedalCell experience possible. The PedalCell team thanks, Northwestern University and “The Garage,” and of course, our loyal fans, for helping our small company reach new heights. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Website for updates on our company, our upcoming Pilot, and how you can experience PedalCell on a bike share near you.

-The PedalCell Team

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