Top 3 Battery Killers for Bicyclists

It's no secret that using your smartphone while cycling is convenient for navigation, taking photos, music, and more. Yet, keeping your battery charged is a constant struggle.

How about that screen?

The only way for cyclists to see their phone's screen against the glaring sun is cranking their brightness to 100% We know this uses more power, but how much more exactly? The answer is quite astounding. In fact, a smartphone screen on maximum brightness can consume 7X more power than on low according to University of South Wales (source).

The signal difference

A majority of cyclists use their smartphones to navigate while traveling outdoors in poor signal areas. A 2016 study conducted by computer engineering professors found that smartphones powering navigation drain up to 3X faster in remote outdoor conditions vs good signal areas (source).

Check the Temperature

Bike tours and commutes can be enjoyed in both hot and cold temperatures. But your phone may not always agree. Both hot and cold temperatures have a negative effect on your battery life. In fact, some cold temperatures can cut your battery capacity in half (source).

How can I fix it?

The truth is that most of these battery hogs are out of your control or are needed for an enjoyable bike ride. Decreasing brightness, lowering your app usage, and using airplane mode can help preserve power. But what's the point of biking with your smartphone if you're barely taking advantage of its capabilities? Battery packs or solar panels could be used, but they are compromised in poor weather or need charging. So we created a solution:

PedalCell - The Bicycle Power Source

PedalCell is a bicycle accessory that converts your bike's motion into stable and consistent electricity to power your smartphone and other USB devices. PedalCell never needs to be charged and is not affected by poor weather. While your phone's battery may always suffer from the great outdoors, that doesn't mean you have to compromise your ride. PedalCell alleviates battery anxiety for cyclists everywhere.

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PedalCell: The Unrivaled Cyclist Power Solution

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