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Over the past several months we’ve been pretty hushed on our social media (besides maybe a video here and there). However, this behavior has been intentional. As some of you may know, PedalCell’s team includes employees in Avon, Indiana and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. On both of these fronts, we’ve silently been making strides not only in Research and Development but also through various competitions.

As of April 26th, 2016, PedalCell is officially the 1st place winner of the DECA,Inc. ICDC(International Career Development Conference) “Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan” category. Lead by the company's co-founder & CEO Vishaal Mali, employee Grant Sprout, and the local Avon DECA student Rushi Patel, the PedalCell DECA team managed to stand out amongst the 200 competitors, from over six nations, through our extensive market research and presentable media.

Like other start-ups at the ICDC, we qualified for the Development Conference after our victory at the DECA regionals held in downtown Indianapolis where PedalCell won the same category. Our team is greatly humbled and excited about this award and the opportunities it will present to our company in the future.

World Champions! 1st place! Rushi Patel, Grant Sprout, and Vishaal Mali in Innovation Plan! #pedalcell pic.twitter.com/MEELw2Vzfh — Avon DECA (@AvonDECA) April 27, 2016

Furthermore, PedalCell has also been participating in tournaments at the University of Michigan. Led by the initiatives of Michigan-based team members Adam Hokin, Rajal Patel, and Sai Ramesh, PedalCell came in 1st place in the 1000 Pitches competition “Environment” category out of 3000+ entries from the University of Michigan and the University of Southern California.

This competition recognized PedalCell’s potential for a sustainable future. Moreover, PedalCell’s participation at the Ross School of Business entrepreneurial initiatives at the University of Michigan has also provided our company with more achievements. Participating in the StartUM Entrepreneurship club, PedalCell managed to come in 1st place against six other start-ups. This win was accompanied by PedalCell receiving the Phase I Dare-to-Dream Grant from the Zell-Lurie Institute of Entrepreneurship at Ross. These two accomplishments at the Ross school were attributed to our product’s robust feature-set and our consumer based market research conducted at the school.

Our company has gone through a wild ride these past couple of months. Each member of the PedalCell team is going to keep working tirelessly to create the best consumer experience possible. PedalCell’s three core values are Convenience, Power, and Sustainability. We guarantee that our product will meet these values and exceed your expectations of the unharnessed and clean power that can be provided by your bicycle.

Be sure to keep checking our social media pages and our blog for the most up-to-date information about PedalCell!

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