Gifts for Bike Riders

Gifts for Bike Riders

Buying gifts for bike riders can be difficult. A real problem is that, almost by definition, a cyclist will have everything they need. Whether it’s to comply with the law, or just to keep themselves safe, a cyclist will almost certainly already own lights, a helmet and, of course, a road-worthy bike. So, when it comes to finding that ideal present, you need to think a little creatively.

The good news is that there are plenty of gift ideas for cyclists, whether they are beginning or seasoned pro, there will always be something that will bring a smile to their face when they open it. And, if you are lucky, you can even stumble across a gift idea they never realized they needed.

Of course, buying a gift should be a personal thing. It’s about choosing the right item for the right person, so while we won’t make it too easy for you, here are a few ideas to help inspire you.

The spares

It might seem boring, but there are some things that a cyclist always needs. And practical gifts for bike riders will always be welcome. Perhaps the most practical are inner tubes. Sooner or later, every cyclist will need a replacement, even if they are devoted patchers. Just make sure you get the right type. It might be best to ask, but if you want it to be a surprise you can check the tire, and don’t forget to check what type of valve they prefer when you do.

Clothing, however, provides a much better opportunity to choose an expressive gift. Essentials like jerseys and padded shorts will be guaranteed to get plenty of use. And if you are buying a gift for a new cyclist, then the seasons may help! Many people start cycling during the warmer months, so there’s a big gap in their wardrobe to cover colder and wetter weathers. And if you want something unique, a quick search for personalized cycling jerseys will help you find a company that can individualize your gift.

Essential tools

All cyclists will, at some point, need to adjust, tighten or repair something. So good tools can be a great present. Most people make do with the tools they already have, so buying a dedicated set for their bike is a welcome gift for many cyclists.

Something like the PRO Advanced Toolbox or the LifeLine Bike Tool Kit will contain everything they need. And if they are starting to take longer rides, a multitool is a must, allowing them to make roadside repairs when it’s essential. There are plenty of multitools to choose from, like the Blackburn Tradesman, but a little research will find multitools for all budgets.

Kit for the bike

The design of a bike means there are plenty of places to clip things on. And it’s possible to cover almost every inch of the frame with something!

If they don’t have one already, a bike computer might be the must-buy present. Once they start to see real-time updates of their ride, they will never go back. Computers range from the cheap to the horrendously expensive. Use a brand like Garmin — who have a long track record of devices for many sports — as a starting point to help find the right one.

And even if they already have a computer, there are plenty of other gadgets. Garmin also produce a bike radar, the Varia, which links with their Edge bike computers or a smartphone to provide warnings of what’s behind and record anything untoward if evidence is needed.

An essential for any cyclist that likes gadgets might be a PedalCell. This converts the forward motion into energy that can charge several USB devices at once. Highly efficient, even 20 minutes can make a huge difference to the largest phone battery, but with so little drag, you won’t even notice.

Getting more from the bike

Sadly, even for the most ardent cyclist, bikes spend most of their time off the road. So, what about some gifts for bike riders for when they aren’t out riding?

A bike stand is a useful addition for when the bike needs work. Instead of trying to prop it up against a wall, or turning it upside down and keeping it balanced, a bike stand can hold it firmly in place. It’s one of those gifts that the recipient might not have bought themselves, but will be glad they got it when they use it.

Or, if they want to be able to ride when they can’t go out, what about a bike trainer? While these can be a generous present, it is easy to spend thousands on them, base models are more reasonably priced. Wahoo has a range of both prices and styles that can help cyclists train even when the conditions keep them indoors.

Finding the right gifts for bike riders

Although it might seem hard at first, because most cyclists don’t ‘need’ anything. When you widen your search, it can be surprisingly easy to find something that a cyclist might not need, but can’t live without!

The biggest challenge, perhaps, is finding exactly the right niche for the recipient. Some cyclists like nothing more than getting their hands dirty while stripping down and tweaking their bike. Others are a little more hands-off, perhaps using their local shop for all but the simplest tasks. And both will have a different reaction to that pricey toolkit.

If there was a single piece of advice we would offer, other than knowing what the recipient wants, it’s to give gadgets. They are, perhaps, the holy grail of gifts.

We’ve yet to meet a cyclist who doesn’t love knowing their speed or cadence. Or doesn’t like the idea of getting data from an onboard radar. Or who wouldn’t feel the benefit of keeping all those devices charged when they are on the go. And the great news is that there’s no shortage of gadgets for cyclists that you will have as much fun finding as they will have opening.

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