CadenceX: Smart Power Hub (Left), Generator, (Right)

After years of development, PedalCell is excited to introduce CadenceX: the ultimate bicycle power source. CadenceX allows riders to stay safe and connected by converting their motion into continuous charge for their lights, smartphones, GPS, and other USB devices. For a limited time, you can save up to $100 on CadenceX orders placed before November 9th.

Unique and Patented

PedalCell Supercapacitor IP

CadenceX is the first bicycle power source that keeps your charging output consistent at varying ride speeds. This innovation is thanks to PedalCell’s patented supercapacitor architecture that is more efficient and has a 200X outdoor lifespan of any lithium-ion battery. The supercapacitors ensure that any sudden slowdowns, skips, or modulations are removed from CadenceX’s power output. CadenceX combines this architecture with a custom-designed Generator and proprietary firmware to deliver a safe and dead-simple charging experience for our riders.


CadenceX USB Power Output. Full data:

CadenceX’s clean-sheet design allowed the PedalCell team to leapfrog dynamo generator competitors with up to 4X greater power output. 15-20W peak charging speeds allows riders to fast-charge multiple devices at once at wall-outlet speeds.

Smart Power Hub Ports

CadenceX is equipped with 1X High-Power and 1X Prioritized USB ports. Both outputs deliver dynamic output based on device power needs and riding speed. For example, CadenceX will provide less power to a fully charged phone with the screen off.

CadenceX can mechanically decouple at any time when not in-use

Riders can choose how to balance CadenceX’s output and resistance. CadenceX automatically locks its max output at 3W when the prioritized port is used alone. Moreover, riders can mechanically decouple CadenceX from the rim to eliminate all drag.

Installed in Minutes

CadenceX comes with everything you need in the box to get up-and-running in minutes. CadenceX’s Generator can be installed on the front forks of most bikes and select rear chainstays. The Smart Power Hub can be mounted on a bicycle’s handlebars, frame, seat-post with its durable rubber strap, or even left in a bag. Both components are discrete and neatly integrate within a variety of riding setups. Riders can get started by visiting:

CadenceX is housed in automotive-grade Nylon with 30% Fiberglass with Aluminum used in select components. The product is weather-resistant, supported by 11 moisture-resistant safeguards to protect against outdoor elements. Tamper-resistant bolts can be ordered at and are included in every CadenceX Ultimate Bundle.

Shipments start November 9th

CadenceX is priced at $299.99; 4X the performance for less than half the price of competing dynamo hub systems. CadenceX’s patented electronics, performance, and easy-to-use design deliver an unparalleled charging experience for bikepackers, tourers, commuters, and cyclists everywhere. For a limited time, you can save up to $100 on the ultimate bicycle power source on orders placed before November 9th.

Stay safe and connected with the ultimate bicycle power source and “Power. By You.”

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