2Since we opened pre-orders this past Fall, our team has been preparing CadenceX for customer delivery. While working through our near-final designs, our engineering team noticed some aspects of CadenceX that did not meet our initial performance criteria. These aspects included product compatibility on a variety of bicycle fork designs and long-term durability. We decided to notify all of our current customers that we needed time to fix these problems and make our product better. Here’s what we improved.

Smaller Design: The most noticeable change from our first design is a much smaller generator clamp housing. This change not only resulted in a more compact product but provided improved compatibility with caliper and cantilever brakes.

A prototype of CadenceX’s smaller clamp assembly mounting with cantilever brakes

Angle Adjust: Bike forks vary in their geometry and angle relative to the wheel. A slight misalignment on the rim can cause a considerable loss of efficiency for a product such as CadenceX. Our new mount provides 20° (+/-10°) of generator angle freedom for more flexible alignment.

CadenceX’s Angle Adjust can be maneuvered to maximize efficiency across a variety of fork geometries.

Clamping: CadenceX’s new rear clamp utilizes long screws and new spacers to accommodate a wider variety of fork designs.

Improved Weather Resistance: Both the Smart Power Hub and Generator Housing have incorporated improved weather resistance measures. For example, the Generator Housing now utilizes o-ring screws.

O-ring screws are one of many improvements made to better protect CadenceX from water ingress.

Advanced Materials: Higher-quality materials are now incorporated into CadenceX for improved long-term durability, such as new clamp rubber and an all-aluminum metal puck on the top of the Generator.

High-Speed Safety: CadenceX’s electronics contain new safety measures to protect the product and its charging devices at higher speeds, such as automatic shut off/turn on and electrical decoupling.

Delays are never fun. However, our team knows that pushing our shipping date back is necessary to deliver on our promise as the most advanced bicycle power source. We’re extremally thankful for the positive response from interested customers as well as the general cycling industry on CadenceX’s feature-set and industry-leading performance. CadenceX’s new shipping date is expected in March 2020, with review units to be sent in the coming weeks. The PedalCell team is happy to answer any further questions about CadenceX via email at info@pedalcell.com. CadenceX can be purchased at www.pedalcell.com/cadencex.

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