Designed for Durability

Ensuring that PedalCell can withstand a wide range of cyclist rides was one of our team's highest priorities. Whether you're a city commuter braving the urban jungle or a bikepacker traveling cross-continental trips, PedalCell was designed and built with components to mitigate failure and promote a long lifespan. Here are the ways we back up these claims:

Automotive-Grade Materials

Nylon 30 Glass Example Part

Our casing material of choice had to be resistant against water, withstand high and low temperatures, and be extremely tough. These criteria lead us to choose fiberglass reinforced nylon (30% glass), a material commonly used on car fenders, brakes, and doors. The material is specced to endure over 2X of PedalCell's maximum clamping force (see finite element analysis "FEA" below).

FEA of PedalCell's Nylon 30 Glass Clamp

Furthermore, our rotating puck utilizes anodized aluminum that is not only strong but also acts as a heat sink for our O-Ring at high speeds.

PedalCell Aluminum Puck

Outdoor-Ready Connector + Cable

PedalCell's Generator and Smart Power Hub are connected via a weather-proof cable + connector combination. The connection attaches in seconds but is held securely in place via a threaded tip.


PedalCell Casing Assembly

While our team designed PedalCell to be as durable as possible, we realized that extenuating circumstances could lead to failure, especially in the outdoors. In-case of failures, modular assemblies for the Generator, Clamp, and Smart Power Hub allow our team can quickly diagnose, replace, and certify parts for re-use.

A better outcome for Users and our Environment

PedalCell is built with durability in mind from the very beginning, and its modular components allow for quick repairs performed by our team.* Our product's long lifespan ultimately promotes cyclists everywhere to enjoy our product for years to come and limits the environmental cradle to grave impact of our product's waste ?

*Repairs are conducted within PedalCell's two-year limited warranty.