Experts Validate PedalCell as Most Powerful

PedalCell's power and efficiency numbers are validated by 3rd party Fahrrad Zukunft in their test, "Socket on the go - part 8". Fahrrad Zukunft is a German-based publication that validates bicycle dynamo, generator, and charging solutions via vigorous power and efficiency testing. Cycling About has highlighted these results here as well.

PedalCell sent the Fahrrad Zukunft team an early 3-D printed prototype in January 2020. It is worth noting that the PedalCell team made revisions to our hardware and electronics that have improved power output and efficiency since sending.

PedalCell Test Product sent to Fahrrad Zukunft

The publication plots PedalCell's USB power output against other bicycle power solutions. PedalCell is the most powerful bicycle generator the publication has tested to-date.

"PedalCell provides the highest power output we have measured at USB - at any riding speed."

-Andreas Oehler, Fahrrad Zukunft
Max Power graph from Fahrrad Zukunft. The X-axis is speed; Y-axis is USB Power Output (Watts)

Fahrrad Zukunft also tested PedalCell mechanical-to-electrical efficiency, measuring how effective a rider's raw energy is converted into USB power. PedalCell peaks at ~70% mechanical-to-USB output efficiency, making it one of the most efficient bicycle power sources to-date.

Efficiency data from here.

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PedalCell allows you to stay safe and connected by keeping your essential devices powered. Its custom generator, patented CadenceX technology, and proprietary firmware work together to be the most powerful and efficient bicycle power source ever made. Better yet, it is dead simple to install and provides everything you need to start charging in minutes. Say goodbye to dead batteries forever with PedalCell.

PedalCell: The Unrivaled Cyclist Power Solution

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