Conquering the Mojave

PedalCell was used by Econo Bike shop owner, Eric Shamp, to power his multi-day tour throughout the Mojave Desert. Eric needed to power his smartphone, lights, Garmin, GoPro, and battery pack off-grid. He found PedalCell was the only solution that provided the charge he required,

"Keeping all of my devices charged was a difficult undertaking. My power needs are too high for a hub dynamo, and orienting solar panels towards the sun while riding is impractical. PedalCell had zero problems keeping me charged on my trip".

Eric also enjoyed PedalCell's ability to disengage from the rim and easy install,

"I disconnected PedalCell from the rim on long ascents to conserve my energy. When I needed a power, I just connected it to the rim. I also love the no-commitment mounting. I had PedalCell on my touring rig for this trip, but I now have it mounted on my daily commuter to power my lights. It takes me minutes to swap on/off of my bikes".

Econo Bike is now an official PedalCell dealer.