PedalCell Packaging 2.0

PedalCell Box

Our team is excited to announce the rollout of our new PedalCell packaging with sustainable materials, new accessories, and updated branding. The design was constructed over 3 months with new manufacturing partners.

Sustainability was a key goal with this new packaging design. We challenged ourselves to move away from foam in this new layout. Foam's impact on the environment is quite poor, both from a manufacturing and recyclability perspective. We replaced nearly all of our foam with RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). The plastic had the necessary strength to protect PedalCell in transit while reducing our environmental impact.

PedalCell Packaging

We also took the opportunity of new packaging to update our banding. The box's two-piece design brought an exciting unboxing experience to our customers. 

After listening to customer feedback, we added new accessories in the box, including our large spacer kit and our new right-angle USB-C-to-A adapter. 

We're proud to evolve our packaging to be more sustainable and continue improving our customer experience. Stay tuned for our new packaging rollout in the coming months!

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