Top CES 2020 Bicycle Technologies

Happy new year from the PedalCell team! To kick off the decade, we've decided to round up the top 5 bicycle products showcased at 2020's Consumer Electronics Show!

Invoxia Bike Tracker

Invoxia Bike Tracker

Invoxia showcased a new GPS-based bicycle tracker. The device disguises itself as a reflector on a bike's seat post and connects via an app offered on iOS and Android. Users are notified of any suspicious movement on their smartphones. Riders can opt to inform the police in case of theft. Battery life ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month. The product can be bought in the UK for £149.

HiRide Adaptive Suspension

HiRide Suspension

HiRide offers suspension products for road cyclists that adapt to a rider's behavior. The system works via automatically locking and unlocking front and rear shocks through electronically controlled hydraulic damping circuits. The end result is the comfort of a full suspension while maintaining the efficiency of a rigid bike. The system is available on select Pinarello models.

Benjilock Bike Lock

Benjilock Biometric Padlocks

Benjilock is known for its biometric padlocks and has expanded into U-Locks for cycling. The company's bike lock can use up to 10 discrete fingerprints to unlock bikes in seconds. Think "Apple's TouchID" for a bike lock. The lock offers an old-fashioned metal key as a fail-safe as well. The product will be available in the third quarter of 2020, with an MSRP of $69 for the 6-inch size and $79 for the 8-inch size.

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