PedalCell coming to Chicago CrossCup '19!

PedalCell is proud to attend Chicago CrossCup races this Fall to provide attendees an opportunity to use PedalCell! Our team will host test rides for riders to charge-up their smartphone onboard PedalCell's demo bicycle. PedalCell's Co-Founders, Adam Hokin and Vishaal Mali, will be present to educate participants on PedalCell's ability to charge any USB device from their bicycle's motion and recently launched pre-orders.

The PedalCell team will be attending races in the Chicagoland area on the following dates and locations:

  1. 10/27/19 – ABD Sunrise Park
  2. 11/03/19 – Campton Cross
  3. 11/10/19 – Groundhog Psi-clocross

​To learn more about the ChiCrossCup, visit this link. We hope to see you there!

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