Product Reliability with New Warranties to back

When designing PedalCell, we needed procedures to test and capture data on our product. While we did testing on actual rides, these proved to be challenging to simulate extreme cycling conditions. So, we developed our own solution; The Pelican.

The Pelican (named after its original intent to fit inside a pelican carrying case) is a full product in itself. The rig utilizes a DC motor, motor controllers, step-up converters, and Arduino computer to simulate cycling conditions up to 40+ mph. Safety procedures are built into The Pelican's code to ensure immediate shut-off when a failure occurs, allowing it to run unmonitored for days at a time. The rig captures data from PedalCell prototypes that are imported into and analyzed by a computer running MATLAB (an engineer programming platform).

Pelican running in-action

The data allows the PedalCell team to make informed product development decisions. For example, our engineering team was able to decide on our spring, o-ring combination in under 48 hours. Our team found the Pelican so useful that we built two more, allowing us to test up to six different product configurations at once. Testing didn't stop at long-term tests, though. The Pelican was able to be retrofitted with auxiliary rigs to test efficiency, weather-resistance, and high-speeds at 80+ mph.

Pelican Efficiency Testing

The Pelican allowed our team to deliver a product we know will hold-up outdoors long-term. We've partnered with Extend to back up that promise. Together, we offer our customers one, two, and three year extended warranties that extend past PedalCell's included 2-year limited warranty.

Forget the frustrating logistics of outdated extended warranty providers. Extend allows our customers to have access to industry-leading aftersales support when things go wrong.Extend works directly with the PedalCell team to get your product replaced quickly should something bad happen to it. No strings attached. Despite the electrical or mechanical failures, or power surges a bicycle accessory could undergo, PedalCell users can have the ultimate peace-of-mind with Extend. Customers can opt to add an Extend protection plan to their purchase when buying PedalCell in our store.

Our Pelican testing rigs and Extend warranty allow our customers to have access to an unbeatable user experience and aftersales support with PedalCell. To learn more about our Extend warranties click here.

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