Mounting a Bottle Dynamo on a Brompton

Bottle dynamos are convenient for their easy install, lower price-point, and ability to disconnect for zero drag. The irregular frame geometries of Brompton bicycles (and other folding bikes), makes mounting bottle dynamos quite tricky. Thus, a Brompton owner is met with limited options for bottle dynamos.

PedalCell bottle dynamo on Brompton folding bike


PedalCell is a new type of bottle dynamo that can be mounted on Brompton bikes. Unlike bottle dynamos of old, PedalCell is actually a rim dynamo, meaning it runs on the bicycle’s rim. This contact point creates less noise, doesn’t wear down the tire, and is more efficient. In fact, PedalCell has 3X the power output and ½ the drag per watt of even dynamo hubs! PedalCell mounts on Brompton bikes with the use of two mounting spacers. The installation instructions can be found here. Better yet, PedalCell will send the spacers to riders who need them free of charge.

Brompton (and other folding bike) owners now have a genuine dynamo option that is easy-to-use and incredibly powerful for a good value. Spend less time waiting to charge-up and more time adventuring on your bike. Learn more about PedalCell here.