CadenceX was tested in wet conditions to survive the outdoors as “weather-resistant”. Weather resistance means that our product can handle rain, sleet, snow, etc. without getting damaged. We’ve tested our device under heavy water to verify this claim (our electronics are completely potted to protect against water ingress). However, there are a few notes that we ask customers to keep in mind:

  • Riders must prevent liquid from being in the Smart Power Hub’s ports while powered-on. While water will not enter the device, the liquid can corrode the port’s pins while the device is powered on. Our rubber USB-C plugs prevent usually prevent this from happening, however, a simple shake of the Power Hub can get water to leave. As a general rule of thumb, do not allow water to enter the USB port.
  • We encourage riders to stay mindful while using their electronics (such as your smartphone or lights) during inclimiate conditions.
  • It is worth noting that while CadenceX‘s electronics are able to smooth out most generator fluctations experienced from slippery rims, use in extremely wet/slippery conditions can impact performance.

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