As with any bicycle generator, CadenceX does add drag. While there is no such thing as free power, we designed multiple features within CadenceX‘s to ensure noticeable drag is minimal to non-existent to users.

1) High-Efficiency: CadenceX’s mechanical-to-electrical USB output is validated by a 3rd party to have a class-leading peak efficiency of 70%. Read more about these tests here.

2) Mechanical advantage: CadenceX has a mechanical advantage of its rim location vs the hub location of other generators (think of the perceived effort associated with opening a door on hinge vs handle).

3) Dynamic output: CadenceX’s only provides the power your devices need. For example, if your phone is almost fully charged with the screen off, our product will output a smaller amount of power.

4) 3W lock: CadenceX’s Prioritized port locks max output at 3W for power-conscious riders.

5) Speed-based Output: We dynamically adjust our power at different speeds. For example, we don’t deliver 20W at 8 km/h. This curve lowers the chance of noticeable drag.

6) Mechanical decoupling: We provide users the flexibility to completely disconnect CadenceX from the rim when not needed, thus eliminating all mechanical drag.

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