While CadenceX shares some concepts with dynamos, our product is an all-in-one solution including the generator and electronics. This advnatage enables us to expand on traditional bicycle dynamos in the following areas:

1) Power Ouput: CadenceX outputs upwards of 6X more power than most dynamos (15-20W vs 3-6W), allowing our product to power more energy demanding devices at once.

2) Power Consistency: Modern electronics demand power that is consistent and stable. We developed CadenceX to deliver an experience similiar to a wall-outlet; power that is always available. Most other dynamos emit power that is volatile and is quite dangerous when used to power lithium-ion batteries.

3) Drag: CadenceX optimizes drag based off of rider speed, a device’s power needs, making our added resistance unnoticable to riders. Most other dynamos do not adjust their resistance and keep a constant drag on riders.

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