We chose the rim for three primary reasons over a bicycle hub:

  • Power Output: The outside of a bicycle rim spins monumentally faster than the inside hub. Thus, our generator spins at higher RPMs, making it more efficient and creating more power in a compact package. While some dynamos have attempted to generate more power on the hub, the trade-offs in complexitiy, cost, and weight are extremally high. Thus, we chose the rim as the least path of resistance (no pun intended )
  • Installation: CadenceX can be installed or uninstalled in minutes on most bicycle designs. Dynamo hubs, on the other had, require time intensive wheel builds that are difficult to construct. Moreover, hubs are only compatible with certain wheel setups, making their cross-compatibility limited if you decide to switch between bicycles or rim types.
  • Decoupling: We believe that you should have the option to completely deactivite our product if you prefer. Mounting on the rim allows users to quickly decouple our generator from the rim, thus eliminating all drag. Hub-mounted dynamos require intensive disassemly procedures to remove, making their drag a permanement burden for most riders.

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