Order Shipment Updates

(Last updated 5/27) The most up to date information will be posted on this page so feel free to check back as we get closer to shipping orders.

We are extremely grateful for all the patience from our customers. We understand many of you have upcoming rides you plan to use PedalCell for. We are working around the clock to meet our expected ship dates despite numerous supply chain delays.

Right now we are waiting for two custom electronics components to come in from suppliers. All the mechanical and generator components have been pre assembled and are waiting at our production center. When our remaining circuit components arrive, we will get the full circuit board fabricated as quickly as possible and installed in the almost finished units.


Current Timeline Progress:

Components ordered

Mechanical Components Received (39/39)

Mechanical Assembly Completed

Non-standardized Electronics Components Received (6/6)

Batch Finalized

Batch received by warehouse

Batch shipments outbound


Current expected ship time (orders placed before 5/25): May 31st

Current expected ship time (orders placed after 5/25): June 23rd


We do our best to estimate ship dates as accurately as we can; however, we interface with many suppliers and thus components are sometimes delayed for reasons beyond our control. We will keep the estimated ship dates updated as new information comes in.

Thank you everyone for all your understanding as we work to get everyone’s PedalCells shipped.