"PedalCell is to your old bottle dynamo what SpaceX is to the Wright Brothers – they’re vaguely related, but one will take you much, much farther. Set-up is easy, intuitive, and took me five minutes the first time around, and maybe 1-2 minutes each time after that. The clamp comes with various size rubber adapters to ensure a perfect fit. Rough asphalt, bumpy gravel, poorly-negotiated jumps… the clamp never came loose.

Suffice it to say that the device offers a stable, fast, and very powerful charge, no matter the temperatures, and maybe more importantly, it does so even if you’re not fast… On each outing, my cell phone was running with the screen on and charged noticeably faster than with my riding buddy’s SON dynamo hub."


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"Review: PedalCell dynamo outpowers hubs, works on any bike"

"PedalCell is a new take on a design nearly as old as the bicycle itself – the bottle dynamo, running on the front wheel. PedalCell has used the latest supercapacitor technology and a high-output dynamo to create a charging system that beats the pants off hub dynamos in terms of power overall and especially at low speeds.

The design is robust, looks good paired with racks and bags, and critically delivers a lot of power at lower speeds more associated with long-distance riding. Price-wise per watt delivered, it beats out any dynamo hub/USB charger combination, without the special skills or tools that building charging into a wheel requires. It comes with a two-year warranty too."


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"Review: PedalCell bicycle power source"

"PedalCell offers significantly more power than any other USB charging system, it’s 42-70% more power than the best hub dynamo charging setup tested (Schmidt SON28 dynamo hub & Forumslader V5 charger). PedalCell has been tested to be more efficient (68%) than the best dynamo hub and the Velogical works out to be only a touch more efficient (35%) than a lower-performing hub.

There is a very strong case for the PedalCell if, like me, you travel at speeds averaging between 8 and 20KPH. The drag is low and the power output is high at these speeds – there is simply no hub dynamo setup that gets close at low speeds. Everything in the PedalCell charging system, in particular, has been optimised to work together – from the rim dynamo through to the charging circuitry."


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"Rim Dynamos Can Now Generate 70% MORE Power Than Hub Dynamos"


- Adventure Cycling Association Mag Review, "Easily transitions from bike to bike to keep devices charged."

- North Cape 4000 Race Review Video, "Used in 2-week unsupported race with downpours and mud roads— highly versatile with 0 worries."

- BiTeker Review (Turkish) Video, "Charged my phone fast. Can even meet the power needs of two cyclists."

- Mojave Desert Review Video, "Kept 6 of my devices at 100% on a multi-day tour in the Mojave Desert."

- Outside Magazine Review, "Didn't feel any ride resistance and didn't lose any juice on our phone with Strava running."

- Bike Touring Tips Review, "My iPhone ended up with more power at the end of the ride than when I started with PedalCell, no matter what apps I ran..."

- Two Wheels Carry the Soul Review, "In one sense, PedalCell is a new standard."

- Professional UK Tourer Review, "PedalCell maintained a steady charge at lower speeds of 8-12km/HR - something the hub dynamo never did."

- Sick Biker Review Video, "PedalCell is perfect for power on multi-day bicycle trips."

- 718 Cyclery Review, "I use PedalCell on overnight trips, and each time I arrive to camp with my phone and GPS at 100%, no questions asked."

- Bee Here Now Adventures Video, "Produces more electricity than a hub dynamo and is also quick and easy to install yourself!"

- Old Bum on a Bike Video, "Doesn't need much speed to start charging. It was even providing power at 8 kmh!"

- NBC Chicago Feature Video, "Gives me some extra juice while I'm riding!"

- Fahrradzukunft SON Engineer Performance Tests, "PedalCell has the highest USB power output we have measured - at all ride speeds."

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