Best Cycling Charge Cables

Best Cycling Charge Cables

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We custom designed our USB-C cables to maximize outdoor durability and decrease clutter on your cycling dashboard for your Apple Lightning, USB-C, and Micro-USB devices.

These cables are housed in a highly durable TPE casing with an anti-UV, dust, and splash-proof coating.* Each cable has low-profile, right-angled plugs, meaning that they are less likely to get caught or knocked while riding. In addition, their short .5ft length, with USB-C ends, provide tangle-free charging with PedalCell.** No adapters. No loose cords. 


1X USB-C - Lightning

1X USB C - C  

1X USB-C - Micro-USB


- Length: .5ft

Plug Type: Right-angle

Material: Anti-UV TPE with Dust and Splash resistance

- Color: Black

- Transmission: Apple MFi (Lightning only), USB PD (Lightning, C-C only), Data, rated for 3A each.

*While these cables are more durable than your average charging cable, they are not weatherproof certified. Use best judgment when using in inclement conditions.

**Due to fragmented charging standards, these cables may not provide the fastest charge with some devices. Use the USB cable provided with your device for the best charging performance with PedalCell. 

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