We have thoroughly tested CadenceX’s new components since we announced our redesign late last year. What did we learn?

Outdoor CadenceX Tuning

We had unseasonably warm weather in Chicago last month, allowing some extra outdoor tuning with the newest #CadenceX #design! Biggest win: the noise (or lack thereof). Can you separate CadenceX's sound from the bike's wind, gear, and tire noise? #Bicycle power has never been this advanced. #PowerByYou

Posted by PedalCell on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hear the Crickets

CadenceX operates with nearly zero noise while biking. While noisiness is a notable problem for most rim-based bicycle dynamos, CadenceX’s custom generator windings and construction provide operation with almost zero perceptible noise. The product’s generator angle adjust also provides decreased noise across a wide variety of bike designs. See if you can discern the difference between CadenceX and the bike’s chain/wind noise in the video above!

A little rain never hurt anybody

CadenceX Smart Power Hub underwater testing

CadenceX has incorporated new components to deter against the outdoors. Most notably, the Smart Power Hub has a new gasket and rubber plugs for the USB-C ports to improve its weather resistance. In addition, the Generator has adopted a new collar and o-ring screws to stop moisture ingress.

More Power!

CadenceX Generator Performance Gain

CadenceX’s new angle-adjust and production-spec generators have provided a power output gain at nearly all speeds. The new design produces upwards of 11% more Watts at 13 mph. See the graph above from our most recent performance results.

Compact Packaging

After months of tweaking, CadenceX’s Generator clamp has been finalized. The product’s aesthetics are smaller with bounds more functionality between its angle adjust and more extensive fork compatibility. CadenceX will be shipped to reviewers later this month and can be pre-ordered up to $100 off here.

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